Tallahassee, it’s been awhile! I forgot what a nice location this is! I’m booth 24 Only one more show left for the season after this weekend!

Questions? Here are some answers!

Are these dishwasher / microwave / food safe?

Absolutely! I make items to be used. The clays and glazes I use have all been tested to be safe in normal, daily use. However, I don't recommend putting gilded items in the microwave and hand washing will extend the life of the gold on gilded pieces. 

Can these be used in the oven?

Yes. With the exception of the blackware series, these are oven safe. 

Stoneware does require a bit of special care. Never put a cold piece in a hot oven or a hot piece into cold water or onto a cold surface. It's best to always fill your baking dish so it can heat evenly to prevent cracking. For example, surround meat you may be roasting with vegetables.

How long will I need to wait for my order?

In stock pieces ship within 1-3 days. If not, expect If I need to make your items, it will depend on if I have any available pieces in process. You can generally anticipate 2-6 weeks from clay to shipping. I will give you an approximate shipping date when you order. During my show seasons it's best to expect 6-8 weeks due to my limited studio time.

Custom work can take a minimum of 4 weeks or longer if they require special designing and glaze testing. 

Can you customize?

Many pieces may be made to individual specifications. Changes can be made to size, colors, etc. as well as personalization such as adding text. Additional charges will apply and are individually determined.

How long does it take to make a piece?

It depends on the size and complexity, but in general count on 3-6 weeks from order to shipping.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Time and cost are dependent on the destination. Import taxes may apply.

Why do you call your studio 'LittleWolf Ceramics'?

My last name, 'Walchek' means "little wolf" in Ukrainian. (I could have married worse!)